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Menu variations

First of Earth

Avellinesi lean pasta with artichokes and cheese sauce
Paccheri with zucchini, saffron and julienne of courgette flowers
Porcini mushroom dumplings in crust
Gnocchi stuffed with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes flavored with basil
Crepes au gratin with zucchini
Torciarelli (or ravioli) speck and truffle
Tagliatelle flan with meat sauce
Aosta Valley crepes
Aromatic farfalle with sparkling wine

Pumpkin and scamorza / saffron risotto with cheese and walnut fondue

Seconds of Earth

Lamb chops baked in foil with mushrooms
Pork loin in potato crust
Aosta Valley pork knuckles
Veal escalope with artichokes and toma

Packet of pork rags with aromatic herbs

Side Dishes

Fan of potatoes with speck / or truffle
Artichokes stuffed with almonds
Mixed salad with balsamic vinegar

Bunches of potatoes with speck

Eggplant roll


Bowls of strawberries and pineapple with coconut cream
Fruit on the buffet
Composed of fresh fruit and chantilly

fruit salad

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